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Roof Cleaning Class at NCE Tampa 2011

Class Description

Learn the process of safe roof cleaning from two experienced roof cleaners: Bill Booz of AccuWash and Kory Finley of  K & J Pressure Cleaning. This 3-4 hour class will include a detailed explanation of the roof cleaning process followed by a demonstration.  No hands-on available, this is a “watch-only” class for safety reasons. We will be cleaning an entire roof.

Topics discussed include:  Safety Requirements, Mix Ratios, Addressing the Customer, Runoff, Spray Control, Ladder Safety, Rig/Pump Variations and More.  Materials Provided: Mix Chart, List of Starter Materials, Chemical Compatibility Chart.

The first 3 to sign up get a free $25 Gift Certificate for Southside  Equipment – so hurry! *Attendance to class is required to obtain gift certificate. If attendance is not met, the next person to sign up/attend will receive this gift certificate. No refunds available for this class.*

Date: Thursday, July 28th at 9am Cost: $325

Follow this link to sign up!

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Gutters were intended to collect water from the roof, so a house would not be surrounded by a stream of water creating a small trench in the yard. The problem is they don’t just collect water – they collect leaves, twigs, pollen, seeds, etc.  There are a myriad of gutter protectors out there: guards, helmets and even sponges that are designed to alleviate the need to clean out the gutters on a regular basis.

Dirty gutters, roof, soffits and fascia

The problem remains though – what happens when the metal holes get clogged or the sponges can’t dry out? The gutters clog and water ends up backing up into the roof, fascia and soffits and it doesn’t evaporate creating a healthy environment for algae/mold to grow.  We cleaned a roof this week that had sponges in the gutters. Not only were they ineffectual, but the sponge became a wonderful nursery for trees and weeds to grow. See how dark the wood is under the gutters? That was white last year!

Failed Gutter Sponges

When we got on the roof the clean out the gutters and remove the sponges, this is what we found: The sponges prevented the gutters from flushing the detritus.

So, after removing all the sponges and flushing out the gutters, we are able to perform roof cleaning! Not only that, but we cleaned the fascia too. All I can say to gutter guard companies is: keep it up! You are aiding our industry considerably.


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Innovation has come to the pressure washing industry, at least in the commercial industry. Alcoa Architectural Products has developed  a coating of titanium dioxide that is built into the manufacturing process of Building materials. This coating allows the building to keep itself clean, on the outside! The science works like this:

1. Free Radicals Released: When sunlight strikes the titanium dioxide particles embedded in Alcoa’s EcoClean building panels, their electrons get charged. The energy is transferred to oxygen and water molecules in the air, forming free radicals.

2. Search and Destroy: The free radicals attack and oxidize organic pollutants on the panel and in the surrounding atmosphere, breaking them down into benign compounds.

3. Superslick Surface: Free radicals cling together on the EcoClean building panel, creating a slick surface that allows rainwater to wash off in sheets rather than form beads. As the water cascades off the building, dirt remaining on the panel is washed away.                                                                                                       ~Forbes, June 6, 2011 Todd Woody

Alcoa is working on buildings in North America and Europe with companies that are trying to increase their Green image. A self cleaning building that doesn’t require a pressure washing or a reclaim system means less work for exterior cleaning companies. It means a larger initial investment by building owners that will pay for itself in reduced cleaning costs and a friendlier image. Seems like a great idea to me – time to think outside the box everyone. Stagnation will be your defeat!

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