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Gutters were intended to collect water from the roof, so a house would not be surrounded by a stream of water creating a small trench in the yard. The problem is they don’t just collect water – they collect leaves, twigs, pollen, seeds, etc.  There are a myriad of gutter protectors out there: guards, helmets and even sponges that are designed to alleviate the need to clean out the gutters on a regular basis.

Dirty gutters, roof, soffits and fascia

The problem remains though – what happens when the metal holes get clogged or the sponges can’t dry out? The gutters clog and water ends up backing up into the roof, fascia and soffits and it doesn’t evaporate creating a healthy environment for algae/mold to grow.  We cleaned a roof this week that had sponges in the gutters. Not only were they ineffectual, but the sponge became a wonderful nursery for trees and weeds to grow. See how dark the wood is under the gutters? That was white last year!

Failed Gutter Sponges

When we got on the roof the clean out the gutters and remove the sponges, this is what we found: The sponges prevented the gutters from flushing the detritus.

So, after removing all the sponges and flushing out the gutters, we are able to perform roof cleaning! Not only that, but we cleaned the fascia too. All I can say to gutter guard companies is: keep it up! You are aiding our industry considerably.


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