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It’s a great time to buy real estate, but that makes selling your home more of a challenge! To set your property apart from the rest, you’ve got to increase your curb appeal.¬† Follow these 10 ways to increase your curb appeal and the house will attract more potential buyers:

1. Make sure the exterior is clean

  • Gutters, Roofs, and Walls provide a surface for moss, lichen, algae and fungi to grow. A clean¬† house will show that you’ve maintained the property and will out shine the competition.

2. Repair Obvious Blemishes

  • Damaged siding, rails, steps, driveways etc. become a project for the new owner. The less problem a potential buyer has to fix, the easier the house will be to sell.

3. Have Green Plants

  • Start watering your lawn to help keep it green – dead plants can be ugly and you want the property to be pretty.

4. Landscaping

  • Landscaping does not have to be a costly endevour. Create soft lines around the angular house with some flowering bushes and plants in contrasting colors. Local greenhouses and box stores will always have sales. Buy in bulk and mix up the plants.

5. Street Visibility

  • If the house cannot be seen from the road, place something pretty out near the for sale sign to draw in potential buyers. A wall of trees is great for privacy, but doesn’t pull people in.

6. Plan Ahead

  • You may not be able to do this improvements by yourself, so hire a professional. They can get the job done a lot quicker than you may be able to and the cost should be worth it. However, if you wait till the last second, the best contractor may not be available and you will either pay more or settle for less with another contractor.

7. Budget for improvements

  • Don’t be surprised when a potential buyer has a condition. Even with all your planning, they may see something you’ve missed. Just like you, the buyer wants to make sure they are getting the most for their money. You may be able to negotiate though, so set aside some extra cash just in case!

8. Find a Great Realtor

  • Pick a realtor you are comfortable with and confident in – just because they may be assertive, doesn’t mean they are the best one for you. A realtor who is willing to explain the selling process, is frank about your property and the market, and provides references will be a better fit. Communication is key!

9. Keep that “For Sale” Sign Standing!

  • Don’t let the sign fall over! If it gets damaged, ask for a new one and always make sure the pamphlets are full. The key here is to make viewing your property as easy as possible. This is all about opportunity!

10. Keep it Simple

  • Don’t go overboard with home improvements – take your realtor’s advice and the right buyer will come along. Everyone has varying standards, so make your choices clean, crisp and boring. The property should have potential for the new buyer, something they can customize to make their own.

Good Luck!

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We like to say, “Buyer Beware,” but a lot of consumers just pick what is cheapest. This can royally screw the pooch, so to speak. Check the manufacturer bulletins before proceeding with any home improvement. When it comes to cleaning your house, deck or roof; not every surface can be cleaned the same way. Make sure you hire the most knowledgeable company. In this article, I examine two technical bulletins: Ashpalt Roofing Manufacturer Bulletin (ARMA) Trex Deck Cleaning Guide and the Dryvit Technical Bulletin.

Ashpalt Roofing Manufacturer Bulletin

The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) is a trade organization made up of roofers in North America. They spearhead the research and development within the asphalt roofing industry and as such, has created a cleaning bulletin for informational purposes. ARMA works with shingle manufacturers, lobbyists, the EPA local government to help the asphalt shingle industry grow and thrive.Formed in 1915, ARMA has been involved in the fire resistant shingle trend in the 1970s and the recyclable shingle movement of the 1990s.Today, asphalt shingles make up about 80% of American roofs.

One of ARMA’s publications it the “Algae Discoloration of Roofs,” where the explain what is growing on the shingles and recommend treatment procedures. Gloeocapsa Magma grows on many surfaces, asphalt shingles being an important one, causing dark discoloration and unsightly streaking. Some advancement in algae resistant shingles has been made, but just like gutter guards, each house is its own micro-environment. That means that the pitch, location and age of the roofing material all contribute to how bad the infestation will get. Algae resistant shingles are more expensive than regular shingles and come with a thick warranty detailing ways the manufacturer will not reimburse you if the Gloeocaps magma grows on the roof. ARMA recommends a cleaning method they call temporary and suggest buying algae resistant shingles.

Now, I would compare the cost difference between shingle types and get a quote from a reputable roof cleaner to see which path is right for the house. We live in nature and as such, cannot completely keep life from forming on dwellings. Between the wind and the rain, a shingle roof will only last about 25 years. ARMA is in the business of helping roof shingle manufacturers, not in keeping those shingles free and clear of algae. There must be a community or organization of roof cleaners that has cropped up to tackle this problem!

Dryvit Bulletin: Cleaning and Maintenance

A step down from the roof, after the gutters, are the house walls. Whether it is vinyl, wood, metal, brick, stucco or composite, the long term appearance is due to care and maintenance. Dryvit is a relatively new coating with an acrylic finish that does not require pressure washing. In fact, Dryvit specifically recommends that no pressure is used to clean the surface as high pressurized water can strip away the protective coating. Dryvit helps to insulate a building, which is good for the environment and your pocket.

Trex Deck

One of the most popular decking alternative, Trex Deck is a composite material that holds up better than wood. Like any porous material, it will trap moisture, dirt and grime. Unlike other manufacturers, Trex supplies a detailed cleaning guide based on the type of stain/dirt. They specifically do not recommend the use of a pressure washer or sandblasting as this will put lines in the material.

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