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Sodium percarbonate (secret OxiClean ingredient) is used by the best deck cleaners to fully pull out all that dirt and grime. Otherwise known as oxygen bleach, Sodium Percarbonate is also used in color safe bleaching laundry products. My husband wears long sleeve white shirts for work and the cuffs always hold the most dirt. Since we use this chemical solid to clean wood decks, I decided to do a little testing to see if I could save money by buying direct instead of the branded products from the grocery store.

First, I washed the shirt in a normal wash – with just laundry detergent. The cuffs were cleaner, but the grime was still apparent. Then, I made a paste of 1 Tablespoon of sodium percarbonate and 1 Cup of hot water. I let the cuffs soak in this mixture for 20 minutes. Finally, I  mixed a 1/2 cup of sodium percarbonate in hot water to dissolve it and added a washer full of cold water along with my normal amount of laundry detergent. After 30 or so minutes, the shirt cuffs were as good as new!

Next time, if I soak the cuffs right away, I could probably just leave them in the hamper till I wash a full load of laundry. Time to buy some sodium percarbonate from my own business to keep in the house!  A good friend of mine uses OxiClean to remove stains from her porcelain kitchen sink, I will have to share this with her as well. Safe and effective cleaning solutions – Yay!

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